Now Cool It.


Suika is the Japanese word for watermelon. Years ago in Japan, Eric spent a memorable day in Fukushima at a samurai era re-enactment festival with his good friends Milan and Ria (best blues singers ever to come out of Slovakia)…


Is It Getting Hot In Here?

You know what they say about taking off all your clothes.  Not exactly what the Dizz had in mind here, but you get the idea.  Remember those hot summer nights?  Remember?  Yeah, it's raining today, I guess the truly gritty…


Killing them with swing

We love messing around with songs.  Rockin' em when you think they should swing and...well, this version of the Not Fooled gives you the softer side of last week's face melter.  Eric's guitar touches in this baby leaving you wanting…


Just Blame The Media

When did it happen that news became entertainment?  And when did entertainment become pumping up non-news?  It is frustrating enough to make you  rant and rave.  This song represents one of those moments.  The Week 8 super duper rock extravaganza…


Lucky #7: A Church That's Not a Church?

Can atheists have the sense of community and connection to their neighbors and the world that a church provides in a way that a bowling league, Moose Lodge, or book club can't match?

It seemed like a funny idea that…


Week 6 Release: Moving To The Country

Whoa Dizzy ask the eternal question:  Is it better in the city, or way out in the country?

A little straight ahead rockabilly stomper gets released for Week 6, and the group appears to be quite at home.

This is…


It's Budget Time

Whoa Dizzy breaks out another laid back swing number for all the working stiffs out there.  Let's be glad we've got jobs in Week #5.  But seriously, does it have to be feast or famine?  Can't we strike a balance?


Rockin' The Heavenly Radio

Whoa Dizzy gets back to basics with a straight ahead blues rocker about a limousine ride to the afterlife.  Wanna go for a ride?  Well maybe only when your time has come... at least there's a bar.


Your Ways Takes Us Into Week 3

For week 3, lead singer Nick Lutes brings us a heartfelt, headstrong song about heartbreak.  Inspired among other things by the great rockers from America's heartland, Nick's first release for Song of the Week is one of the strongest songs…


Round 2 in the Whoa Dizzy Song Cycle

Officially released on Sept. 10, 2010, it's Whoa Dizzy's tribute to Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Brought to you in the smoky blue lounge tones of the Whoa Jazzy Quartet.

So break out that bottle of…

Loving Every Minute of It

Hey everyone, Nick here. we are, sharing with the world our unique set of sounds...all with the goal of melting someone's face off.  Don't worry, it doesn't hurt.   I want to use this first thought to give proper thanks…


Song of the Week Kicks Off

Whoa Dizzy is pleased to announce the beginning of our Song of the Week project.  Over the next six months, a stream of new songs will be beamed into the void of cyberspace, hoping to reach the lonely ears of…