Latest Speedway Gig A Success, CK1 Nails Some New Bass Lines

Well it's been a few weeks, but it is important to note the gig at Speedway Brewing Co. on Jan. 8 was a success.  There were lots of familiar faces, and even a few overseas fans dropped in for a little rock fest.  The vibe was fantastic, and we really appreciate all the support!

This last Friday (1/22), Cheri came back into the studio to work out the kinks on a few bass parts for the new recording.  She laid down brand new takes for what I'm now calling the Alien Trilogy;  "Confusion" (an emerging fan favorite),  "It's True," and "Kidnapped."  I guess we were just in an outer spaced kind of mood.

She also worked on a bit of a rewrite for the bass part on one of Nick's songs, "Hey Let's Go."

The glaciation continues...

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