Is This A Mixer Or A Blender?

Band makes 28 (or is it 29?) newly recorded songs.  Problem is, someone has to mix them.  I'm using Pro Tools now for recording, but I only nominally understand how it works, so some of this is going to be like climbing a mountain in the dark with no flashlight.

It's going to be interesting, since ultimately Whoa Dizzy are maximalists (is that a word?) when it comes to recording, the challenge will be to have everything be heard without it turning to mush.  I'll be taking by best stab at imitating a Tony Visconti production style, which of course it will sound nothing like, but at least I will know it can be done (see Bowie's Reality, Man Who Sold The World, et al).  The first song being mixed is called "Alaska (Don't Let Me Forget)," which is a very uncatchy title to a very catchy song...

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